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​Prescribed "Controlled" Fire Program



ERM deploys “prescribed” fire based on a specific “prescription” of weather conditions for each different management unit within our natural areas.  Each prescription calls for a certain range of temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction, as well as many other environmental factors to ensure that fire is implemented in the safest way possible and in order to direct smoke away from smoke sensitive areas like major roads, schools, hospitals, etc. Activities related to the planning and implementation of prescribed burns include:

  • Creating and maintaining hundreds of miles of management access areas and firebreaks
  • Mechanically reducing fuel heights to reduce fire intensity
  • Attending appropriate fire training courses for initial and advanced training
  • Coordinating with state, county, and municipal fire agencies and departments
  • Providing advance notification to owners of surrounding property and smoke-sensitive entities
  • Preparing burn plans
  • Conducting each burn during daylight hours within one day
  • Conducting post-burn evaluations
  • Documenting wildfires and other fire-related incidents