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The Construction Section constructs new intersection signal installations under Palm Beach County's jurisdiction. This includes setting poles, wires (span & messenger), vehicle signals, pedestrian signals, and vehicle detection loops associated with intersections. They install and maintain street lights at signalized intersections. They repair signal equipment at intersections damaged by vehicular accidents, and replace signalized intersections as part of the ongoing preventative maintenance program. They install fiber optic cable, conduit and pull boxes.

The Growth Management Section is responsible for the review of Subdivision, Planned Unit Development, and Concurrency Application plans to ensure compliance with all applicable codes and standards. This section is also charged with the administration and interpretation of the Countywide Traffic Performance Standards Code and TPS Database, and assisting with the Impact Fee Ordinance. With the inclusion of Countywide Traffic Performance Standards in municipalities, the section reviews traffic impacts studies for development in the incorporated area. In addition, this section assists the Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council in reviewing Developments of Regional Impact and the Florida Department of Transportation in the determination of roadway jurisdiction throughout the County. Comprehensive Planning issues related to traffic and the Thoroughfare Right-of-Way Identification Map are coordinated by this section through the Planning Division. This section works with the Data Analysis Section in developing the semi-annual Traffic Count Map for use in administrating Traffic Performance Standards.

The ITS Section is responsible for managing fiber-optic communications network, Transportation management Center (TMC) Operations and Traffic Signal Timing Operations. The jointly operated TMC by the FDOT and the County serves as a nerve center for monitoring and managing traffic operations on the freeway and the arterial roadways within the County. The TMC enables real time control and monitoring of 750 traffic signals, 115 CCTV installations and other ITS devices connected over 500 plus miles of fiber-optic communications network. The TMC also supports the Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSM&O) initiative by the FDOT, where several select segments of the arterials are monitored for recurring and non-recurring congestion problems through real time collection and compilation of travel times and speeds with the Bluetooth transponders.

Signal Timing: The Traffic Signal Timing Engineers provide signal and system timing for over 1000 traffic signals, including the 750 intersections that are online, and respond to citizen requests, incidents, detours and other congestion related problems.

The Sign Section manufactures, installs and maintains the traffic signs for all roadways under the jurisdiction of Palm Beach County. They manufacture signs for other County departments and water management districts. They perform ongoing preventative maintenance sign program on all major County arterial roadways.

The Signal Section repairs all of the traffic signals under Palm Beach County's jurisdiction on a 24 hour basis. They are responsible for the installation of signal equipment at new intersections and upgrading at older intersections.

They inspect contractor built intersection signals. They also perform preventative maintenance on all signalized intersections as well as overhead inspections.

The Signal Design Section is responsible for the design, engineering, construction coordination and field inspection of all traffic signal installations maintained by the County. It is responsible for continuously monitoring and updating traffic signal timing and system coordination for more than 1100 traffic signal devices and over 70 coordinated signal systems. It also maintains updated signalization plans for all signalized intersections under County jurisdiction.

The Special Projects Section is responsible for researching and preparing reports for legal requests and other special requests. This section is also responsible for the management and coordination of the Street Lighting, Intersection Improvement and Roadside Vendor.

Palm Beach County has an Annual Street Lighting Program to install lighting along the major roadways located within the unincorporated boundaries. Only Thoroughfare roadways with four or more lanes will be considered for street lighting under this program. Within municipal limits, contact the appropriate municipality with you request.

Street lighting outages - Florida Power and Light maintains 95% of the unincorporated Palm Beach County street lights. For major roadway call 1-800-927-5431. For residential streets call (561) 687-8000 or access their web page at to report outages.

The Striping Section installs and maintains all pavement markings and delineators on Palm Beach County maintained roads. They install the markings for all signalized intersections and school zones.

The Striping and Sign Design Section is responsible for the engineering, design, production, coordination and inspection of all pavement marking and signing plans and projects. This section also reviews all pavement marking and signing plans submitted to the County by consultant engineering firms, and provides geometric plan design review and comments.

The Traffic Accident Records Section is responsible for collecting, coordinating and analyzing all traffic accident reports and records for all law enforcement agencies in Palm Beach County. This includes all municipal police departments, the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office, and the Florida Highway Patrol. The sections maintains a computer data base for use by the Traffic Engineering Division, Law enforcement agencies, and private agencies in the investigative and insurance industries.

The Traffic Data Analysis Section conducts engineering studies in relation to the movement of vehicular and pedestrian traffic on Palm Beach County roads, maintains semi-annual counts for West Palm Beach Urban Area Transportation Studies, develops data used for the "Traffic Performance Standards" Ordinance (# 90-7), and supplies engineering assistance to municipalities upon request. They investigate traffic complaints related to signing and other traffic complaints such as sight obstructions, etc., and take the action necessary to bring these complaints up to prescribed standards. Also, the coordination of the Annual Pathway Program and the Traffic Calming Program is performed by this Section.

The Traffic Operations Section is responsible for the installation and maintenance of traffic devices including signals, signing and striping for roads under the jurisdiction of Palm Beach County. The Operations Section also responds to emergency calls for the above on a 24-hour, 7 day a week basis.

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