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Canals, Lakes, Rivers pose numerous hazards!


Always swim at a lifeguarded beach, and pay attention to the beach flags.

Rip currents can be a drowning hazard. The U.S. Lifesaving Association estimates that over 100 people die from rip currents in the U.S. each year. Learn more at

NOAA Rip current information

Know the conditions flags!

  • Green - means go, but follow water safety rules
  • Yellow - means caution, slow down and remain vigilant
  • Red- means stop, conditions are not safe
  • Purple- means biting or stinging animals are present

  • Marine stings can cause life-threatening allergic reactions. Leave the water immediately if stung. Call the Florida Poison Information Center Network at 1.800.222.1222 or 911 if you begin to have trouble breathing. (Source: Florida Department of Health)
  • Don't use home remedies without consulting with The Florida Poison Information Center Network at 1.800.222.1222
  • Don't try to remove spines or tentacles with bare hands. Use tweezers or the edge of a credit card to remove
  • Do ask a lifeguard for assistance.
  • Do contact a physician if you receive a deep or jagged wound.

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ABCDs of Water Safety