There shall be an official agenda for every meeting of the County Commission, which shall determine the order of business conducted at the meeting. The County Commission shall not take action upon any matter which is not listed upon the official agenda unless a majority of the Commission shall have first consented to the presentation thereof for consideration.

  1. Consent Agenda: These are items that the Commission typically does not need to discuss individually and which are voted on as a group.

  2. Regular Agenda/Public Hearings: These are items that the Commission will discuss individually in the order listed on the agenda.

  3. Workshops: These are items which may require more extensive Commission discussion.

  4. Silent Vote: A silent vote of the Commission indicates approval of the agenda item.

The public may offer comments to the Board at their meetings for all consent, regular and public hearing items.  Receipt of comments on Workshop items is at the discretion of the Chair. Normally, SPEAKERS ARE LIMITED TO 3 MINUTES; however based on the number of Comments by the Public cards received, the Chair may reduce speaking time to 2 MINUTES. In any event, in accordance with the BCC's official Rules of Procedure, the Chair shall have the discretion to adjust speaking time limits as he or she deems appropriate and necessary.

Matters by the Public: Any citizen shall be entitled to be heard concerning any matter within the scope of the jurisdiction of the Commission, with the exception of any items scheduled to be considered by the Board on upcoming meetings, under the section entitled "Matters by the Public," on the first meeting of each month at 2:00 p.m. Time is subject to change, so please check with the Agenda Coordinator at 561-355-3229. EXCEPTION: NO MATTERS BY THE PUBLIC DURING THE MONTH OF AUGUST. Speaking times are as specified above.

Electronic Public Comment Alternative During COVID-19

In response to COVID-19, the Board of County Commissioners is offering additional ways to submit public comments for meetings. In addition to in-person public comment, members of the public are also able to submit their comments online here: Submit Public Comment.

All comments must be submitted prior to the agenda item starting or prior to the 2:00 p.m. time certain public hearing for all other matters. Please refer to the latest agenda below for the item number you'd like to speak on and include that in the form when submitting. All comments submitted may be read aloud and will be filed in the official record with the Clerk's office.

For anyone in need of ADA accommodations to attend the meeting or to submit public comments, please send an e-mail to pbcaccessibility@pbcgov.org or contact the Public Affairs at 561-355-2754.

Please complete a Comments by the Public card and give it to the Public Affairs representative seated near the speaker's podium on the east side of the Chambers, prior to the start of the item. Cards will not be accepted once an item has begun.

Paid Lobbyists are required to register with County Administration before lobbying the Board of County Commissioners, any County advisory board member or County employee. According to Ordinance No. 2003-018, a lobbyist is any person who is employed and receives payment, or contracts for economic consideration for the purpose of lobbying on behalf of a Principal in order to influence the decision of any County Commissioner, County advisory board member or County employee. Registration forms are available in the County Administration Office located on the 11th floor, Government Center, 301 N. Olive Ave., West Palm Beach, Florida or on the County web page at pbcgov.com​.

When your name is called, please step up to either podium and state, for the record, your name, and address.

Any person making impertinent or slanderous remarks or who becomes boisterous while addressing the Commission shall be barred from further audience before the Commission by the presiding officer unless permission to continue or again address the Commission is granted by the majority vote of the Commission members present.

Board of County Commission meetings are held in the Jane Thompson Memorial Chambers, 6th floor, Governmental Center, 301 N. Olive Ave, West Palm Beach.  Board meetings are held on one or more Tuesdays each month. Please check the Meeting Schedule call the Agenda Coordinator at 561-355-3229 for specific dates.

Please note: In case of an emergency or the sounding of the fire alarm system, all employees and visitors must immediately evacuate the building. In the event of an emergency, please proceed to the nearest exists leading out of the room and towards the stairwell as directed by the meeting organizer and/or security. Building elevators will not be operational during an emergency. For persons with disabilities who are unable to evacuate using stairs, please assist these individuals to the closest enclosed stairwell to wait for assistance. Notify emergency personnel of the condition and location of the person(s) requiring assistance.​​​​