From the backup on agenda item 5A-1 at the January 13, 2015 BCC meeting.

Contract Incentive for Hiring a Glades Area Employee

Palm Beach County offers an incentive Payment to any contractor (and subcontractors) who hires a new employee that is a resident of the Glades area for work on County contracts ("Glades Employee"). For purposes of this section, "resident of the Glades area" means any person whose legal residence is located in the Glades area as defined in the Palm Beach County Local Preference Ordinance.

To be eligible for the Incentive Payment, the employee must be a full-time employee of the Contractor for a minimum of 3 weeks on this project and cannot have worked for the Contractor claiming the Glades Employee as a new hire for 90 days prior to this project. Within 5 days of the Contractor hiring and the Glades Employee reporting to work at the project site, Contractor must provide the following documentation ("Hiring Certification"): Glades Employee name,
contact information including legal residence, copy of drivers license or other proof of residence, hire date, start date at project site, and trade. Both the Glades Employee and employer must sign the Hiring Certification with signatures notarized.

The County has the right, but not the obligation, to conduct unannounced field interviews with the Glades Employee to ensure compliance with the requirements of this Section.

Upon completion of the contract, Contractor may apply for the Incentive Payment which will be added to the contract by change order. The documentation ("Incentive Certification") required includes resubmitting of the Hiring Certification along with the employment end date or last day on the job site (whichever is earlier), a certified payroll for the hours worked on the project, and employee wages and benefits paid. The Incentive Certification must be signed by both the Glades Employee and employer with both signatures notarized. No markup will be allowed either by the General Contractor or a subcontractor.

If the County determines that the Contractor complied with the requirements of this section, it will reimburse the contractor 30% of the new employee(s) wages (including payroll taxes, costs, and benefits) up to a maximum reimbursement of $100,000. The request must be submitted no later than 45 days after Substantial Completion of the project.

A Contractor can only claim the Incentive Payment once for each Glades Employee within a rolling twelve (12) month period, but the incentive can be claimed across multiple County contracts.

It is a Contract requirement of the Contractor that any reimbursement requested by a subcontractor under this Section be processed by the Contractor to the County for review.



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