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 Palm Beach County COVID-19 Vaccination Planning

Governor Ron DeSantis has signed Executive Order 21-47 which outlines all providers administering any COVID-19 vaccine shall only vaccinate the following populations:

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Vaccinations have b​egun in Palm Beach County, pursuant to the Governor's Executive Order 20-315, for long term care facility staff, persons 65 years of age and older and healthcare personnel with direct patient contact.

Make sure you speak with your primary care provider to answer any questions you have about the vaccine before you receive it.

Palm Beach County COVID-19 Vaccination Planning

Pursuant to direction from Governor Ron DeSantis, the Florida Department of Health and local health departments are responsible for receipt and distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine on behalf of the State.  Initial priorities for distribution were redefined in the Governor's Executive Order 20-315: health care personnel; individuals 65 years of age and older; and long-term care facility residents and staff.

County staff are working closely with the Department of Health Palm Beach County and the Health Care District of Palm Beach County to distribute the vaccine in accordance with the Governor's priorities.  Our local efforts will be in addition to the direct rollouts of the vaccine by the State of Florida or direct deliveries by federal agencies or contractors. Our strategies will include designated PODs (points of dispensing) at both fixed and mobile locations that will be accessible by walk-up and/or drive-up.

Local distribution plans do not include nursing home and long-term care facilities which are being handled at the federal and state level. Additional announcements specific to public distribution within the County will be forthcoming from the County Health Department and the Palm Beach County Division of Emergency Manage​ment.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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