Enjoy Plentiful Fruits and Veggies


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Summer is approaching and with it comes the availability of more fresh produce. Handling fresh fruits and vegetables and keeping them safe can maximize your nutrition, enjoyment, and health.

Keep these tips in mind as you purchase produce:

    Shop at stores or produce stands that are clean and organized.
    Buy items that have no bruises, cuts, or obvious signs of decay.
    Choose fruits and vegetables at various stages of ripeness that can be eaten within a three-to-five-day period.
    Feel and gently squeeze produce to make sure it is not over ripe.
    Place produce in shopping cart carefully so it does not bruise.
    At home use the "first in" "first out" method of storing and eating vegetables.
    Store in a cool environment.
    To preserve water-soluble vitamin, wash produce just before cooking or eating.

Source: American Dietetic Association – http://www.eatright.org/