Attempt Saving For Just One Week


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 Have family members get involved and have fun doing may become habit forming.


​Sunday​For at least one day this week, challenge yourselves not to spend any money on anything. Enjoy the feeling of keeping your cash in your wallet.
​Monday​When you do spend, put yourself on a "cash only" system. Give your credit cards and even your checkbook a rest by buying only what you can pay for with cash.
​Tuesday​Try not to purchase anything this week at full price. Use coupons, buy on sale, or simply delay your purchase until you can get the item at a discount. Challenge one another ... see who does the best.
​Wednesday​Put off a trip to the grocery store as long as you can this week. Be creative in using up what you already have in your pantry.
​Thursday​Surf the Internet for new ways to save money. Sign up for a free e-mail newsletter or discussion list that will provide ideas and encouragement.
​Friday​For the next seven days, don’t spend any money on entertainment. Brainstorm with your family to come up with the things you can do that are free: visit a library, enjoy a free concert, or read some good books.
​Saturday​Look for ways to save gas and give your car a break this week. Combine errands, do business online or get some exercise by walking to places that are within walking distance.


Calculate your savings! Was it fun? What can be done with the money saved?