Free Summer Lunch Program


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Free Summer Lunch Program Begins in June

Beginning in June, free meals are available to all Palm Beach County children, between the ages of 5 and 18 years of age ––– even if they are not attending summer school or camp. The meals will be served at designated locations.

Serving times vary by site. In addition, some sites serve breakfast and lunch, while others serve a lunch and a snack. Children who are not registered for activities offered at meal sites must leave the premise after meal or snack serving times.

To find the closest meal site location and its serving time, Palm Beach County residents can check the Palm Beach County Schools website or call 2-1-1. From a payphone or cellular phone, residents need to call 561-383-1111.

When school is out, children from low-income families typically lose their access to daily breakfast and lunch provided by schools. This is perilous for many poor children, for at least one-third of the nutrients that a child needs is generally provided through these meals.

Low-income families often cannot meet this nutritional requirement for their child or children. They have to rely on help from government programs or local nonprofit organizations. During the summer, many food banks report a significant increase in requests from low-income families for emergency food.

The Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) is intended to fill this void. This program provides nutritious meals and snacks to children from low-income families during this time when school is out.

The School District of Palm Beach County and the Palm Beach County Division of Human Services are primary sponsors of the Summer Food Service Program. The Palm Beach County Community Food Alliance, a project of United Way of Palm Beach County, is promoting the summer lunch program to ensure every child who needs a meal has access to one.