Marriage Week USA February 7-14 every year


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The purpose of Marriage Week USA is to celebrate the importance of marriage to our communities. While the wedding is a day, marriage lasts a lifetime.

Some benefits of marriage to focus on during this week:
  • Marriage gives people a goal -- a sense of purpose in life that's larger than they are.
  • Children generally do better in a two-parent home.
  • Married people have more wealth and economic assets.
  • Married people have a healthier life style, are healthier, and live longer.
  • Married men and women make more money than single men and women.
  • Marriage tends to make individuals more motivated to do well at work and to cope with work stresses.
  • Married individuals contribute to more stable communities by being more responsible to them.
  • Married people have a more emotionally satisfying sexual relationship.

To discuss any of these benefits and to find out more about a Community Marriage Initiative, please call any of the following contacts:

Extension Agent Maisie Ross, 561-233-1742
David Claud, Kaisha Thomas, Center for Family Services, 561-616-1256
Terry Ganaway, 561-842-3606