Kids Goal Setting Week


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Learning how to set goals is an extremely important skill. "Keeping your room clean" is a common bone of contention between parents and their children, and may mean different things to different children.

Depending on the age of the child, "keeping your room clean" may be too big a goal. By breaking it down into age-appropriate tasks, there may be many opportunities for a child to succeed and experience the goal setting process.
  • Even very young children can learn to put toys and games away before going to bed.
  • Place hooks at child-friendly heights so clothes can come up off the floor.
  • Use brightly colored bins or baskets to hold different types of clothing.
  • Have your child help you dust the furniture.
  • Ask your child separate his dirty clothes into whites and colors.
  • A child who isn't old enough to do laundry can help strip the bed and place bed linen in the laundry basket.

Source: The Soap and Detergent Association