Shopping Tools for Health Eating

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When it comes to food in the grocery store, FACSs have many choices. With over 30,000 items and numerous name brands, how does one go about choosing foods that are enjoyable, affordable and provide proper nutrition? Here are some supermarket shopping tools to help select the most nutritious food options easily and quickly!

  • Make a list - Before heading out to the supermarket take the time to make a list. It will save money, time, and headaches.
  • Have a Strategy - Do not shop when hungry. Establish a day and time to shop. Don't forget to use the coupons to save money.
  • Read Food Labels - This can be the best shopping tool! You can compare nutrients and ingredients between similar product, determine which nutrients the food contributes to your total diet, safe preparation methods, and more.
  • Know the Tricks of the Trade - Knowing how to shop and what to look for in each aisle/section of the store helps guarantee a cart stocked with healthful products.

Source: American Journal of Dietetics, Fact Sheet "Shopping Solutions for Healthful Eating" March 2003.

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