More Stress Buster Tips


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1. Choose your environment:

Avoid putting yourself in unnecessarily stressful situations. Take time to think through changes before making them, i.e., the procedure and alternatives.

2. Develop life-management skills:

  1. Know your value system - what is important to you
  2. Set realistic goals for yourself
  3. Learn to effectively manage time and energy to accomplish your goals
  4. Develop good communication skills
  5. Develop problem-solving skills
  6. Develop decision-making skills
  7. Believe in yourself. Have a positive attitude

3. Develop a support group and include:

  1. family members
  2. friends
  3. experts with needed skills e.g. doctor, teacher
  4. people with whom you can share your feelings
  5. Develop problem-solving skills
  6. people with whom you can have fun

 Make the changes necessary to create the balance that allows you to feel productive and at peace with yourself.


Source: Maisielin Ross, Extension Agent, PBC Extension, Family and Consumer Sciences