Benefits of an Involved Father


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Most people can agree that being an involved father has several benefits to children. Here are some supported by research:

  • Babies as young as 3 months old can tell the difference between mother and father. They can tell by the way their parents hold them, talk to them, and the way that they smell.
  • Children whose fathers are involved raising them score higher on cognitive tests than those whose fathers are not involved in their lives.
  • Fathers who are involved in the children's lives increase the chances that those children will graduate from high school, perhaps go to college and vocational school.
  • Fathers who are more involved in raising their children, tend to have children who experience successful careers.
  • Father involvement is related to lower rates of teenage violence, delinquency, and other problems with the law.
  • Involved fathers provide excellent role models for positive parenting, healthy caregiving, and a commitment to the family.
Source: Garret D. Evans, Psy.D. The "Hidden Benefits" of Being an Involved Father