Palm Beach County Park Airport (LNA) is located in Lantana, Florida and is 6 miles south of PBI. LNA is considered a reliever airport focusing on the general aviation reciprocating and turbine drive​n aircraft.

LNA is a busy airport with a mix of both fixed wing and helicopters. There is no air traffic control tower and the common air traffic advisory frequency is 122.70. There are currently no landing fees at LNA.

LNA has three runways which are located in a triangle layout. The longest runway, 10 - 28 is 3,489’ in length and 75’ wide.

The airport is supported by one fixed base operator (StellarAviation) and can be reached at 561-656-9815. The field also has several flight schools, aircraft maintenance and a propeller shop. Please contact the FBO for information on hangar availability and tie-down space.

LNA is a noise sensitive airport and all operators are strongly encouraged to follow the voluntary noise abatement procedures. Runway 4 - 22 is the preferred noise abatement runway, conditions permitting.

Noise sensitive neighborhoods are located on the east, west and south side of the airport. Helicopters are strongly encouraged to climb to maximum safe altitude before flying over the residential areas.Current Voluntary Noise Abatement Procedures.

Palm Beach County has initiatied a Part 150 Noise Abatement study for the development of noise mitigation mesures, which includes the review of current voluntary noise abatement procedures. Interested parties are encouraged ro attend future meetings of commitees. For more information: https://www.lnapart150.com/lnapart150

For additional information on airport data, facilities, and landing areas, please see the Florida Department of Transportation’s Facility Information Directory at http://www.florida-aviation-database.com/.

This link is for informational purposes only and not intended to be used for air navigation. Please see appropriate current Federal Aviation Administration publications for navigational purposes. ​​​​​​

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