North County General Aviation Airport is the county's newest airport, which opened in 1994. The airport is set on 1,832 acres, with over 1,100 being dedicated to environmental preserves that surround the airport.

F45 is a designated reliever for PBI and serves both reciprocating engine and jet aircraft and has a maximum runway length of 4,300'. Runway 14-32 is 4,300' long by 75' wide and has a max. weight limit of 30,000lbs.

The airport currently has one fixed base operator (Signature Flight Support) which operates 24 hours a day and can be reached at 561-626-9799 or on the ARINC frequency 131.250.

The airport facilities consist of a terminal, a large storage hangar, an aircraft maintenance hangar, and 176 aircraft storage hangars. There are several businesses located on the airport including both fixed wing and helicopter flight schools.

To check on hangar availability, please contact the Airport Properties office at 561-471-7403. Tie-downs and parking in the large storage hangar are handled by the FBO (Signature Flight Support).

North County has an FAA approved Automated Weather Observation System, current weather can be found at 561-630-6932 or on frequency 119.975.

North Palm Beach County Airport (F45)

Recommended Traffic Operations
Runway 9R/27L & 9L/27R Operations
Runway 14/32 Operations

For additional information on airport data, facilities, and landing areas, please see the Florida Department of Transportation’s Facility Information Directory at http://www.florida-aviation-database.com/.

This link is for informational purposes only and not intended to be used for air navigation. Please see appropriate current Federal Aviation Administration publications for navigational purposes. ​​

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