Palm Beach International Airport’s (PBI) general aviation interest are served by three full service fixed base operators and a U.S. customs port of entry facility.

All general aviation aircraft must use the south side of the field for dropping / picking up passengers or aircraft parking. General aviation aircraft are restricted from operating on the north parking ramps and aprons (unless prior approval by the Department).

The airport serves numerous air carriers and the largest runway is 10,000’ long by 150’ wide. All runways are paved asphalt and have runway edge lights.

Pilots: please plan flight accordingly and review airport diagrams and layouts. Please verify runway markings prior to landing. Taxiway Lima is located between runways 10L-28R and the smaller GA runway 10R-28L.

There is a 24 hour FAA air traffic control tower located at the airport and the airport is located within Class C airspace.

Runway 10L
View Runway 10L-10R
Runway 28L
View Runway 28L
Runway 28R
View Runway 28R
Runway 14
View Runway 14
Runway 32
View Runway 32
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