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The Department of Airports operates a system of four airports. Each airport plays a role in supporting the needs of the general aviation community.  With a direct economic impact of $564 million annually, it is interesting to note that the entire airport system is financially self-sustaining and receives no ad valorem tax dollars or general monies funds.  All funding is generated from user fees either from airlines, general aviation companies and users, parking facilities, and restaurant/retail leasing revenues.

Palm Beach International Airport (PBI) serves both air carriers (airlines) and general aviation aircraft. The airport has a 24 hour control tower and a U.S. Customs & Immigration port of entry facility. The general aviation traffic at PBI has a choice of three fixed base operators.

In addition to PBI, the county operates three general aviation only airports which do not have any air carrier activity.

North Palm Beach County General Aviation Airport (F45) is located in the north portion of the county and provides easy access to the Florida Research Park, Jupiter and Palm Beach Gardens. F45 is a designated reliever for PBI and serves both reciprocating engine and jet aircraft and has a maximum runway length of 4,300'. Runway 14/32 is 4,300' long by 75' wide and has a max. weight limit of 30,000lbs.

Palm Beach County Park Airport (LNA) located in Lantana, Florida is located 6 miles south of PBI. LNA is moments away (by car) from the coastal cities of the Palm Beaches: Palm Beach, West Palm Beach and Boca Raton. LNA is a reliever airport focusing on the general aviation reciprocating engine and turbine driven aircraft. There are several flight schools located at the airport for both fixed wing and helicopters. This is a noise sensitive airport with residential communities surrounding the airport with heavy populations to the east, west, and south sides of the airport.

Palm Beach County Glades Airport (PHK) is the counties designated general aviation recreational airport. The airport is also designated for parachute operations. The airport is located in the western portion of Palm Beach County and is located adjacent to Lake Okeechobee. As the recreational airport, Glades supports the airport system by locating the recreational / sport aeronautical operations at a less congested airport. ​​

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