The Airport Noise and Operations Monitoring System (ANOMS) is a powerful, flexible, data gathering and information system designed to meet our growing need to plan, monitor and update the noise abatement program. The system includes:

  • Advanced computer-controlled devices for recording and measuring noise, flight tracks and weather.
  • A powerful relational database that combines existing geographical information with on-going data acquisition.

PBIA's ANOMS gathers and combines data from several different sources:

  • Permanent monitoring terminals
  • Operations from FAA flight databases
  • Flight track data from the FAA Automated Radar Terminal System (Passive Radar)
  • Concerns reported by the airport community
  • Information about aircraft owners
  • Weather data
  • Map data

Noise Abatement Office ANOMS Applications:

Noise Abatement Program Monitoring

The Noise Abatement Office uses ANOMS to provide standard reports to CCAN needed to monitor PBIA's noise ordinances such as: nighttime activity reports to enforce Stage 2 aircraft operational restrictions and assess E.O. Fees; runway activity reports to review the number of takeoffs and landings on each runway; and noise level reports from all of PBI's 15 noise monitors.

Noiseline Research and Response

This includes making special reports for homeowners using flight track, noise, and weather databases.

Departure Heading Review

This is an analysis of departure corridors and specific gates. ANOMS is currently used to monitor trends in flight track dispersion for jet aircraft when taking-off to the east (Runway 9L) and to the west (Runway 27R).

FMS/GPS Departure Procedure Test Tracking

ANOMS will be used to monitor take-off tracks which utilize "WENDETWO" FMS/GPS SID. ANOMS tracks will be used to analyze the anticipated reduction in flight track dispersion.

ANOMS is a product of Lochard Corporation

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