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Future Leaders United for Change

Chilondra Sheppard
Grant Compliance
Specialist II

50 S Military Trail
 Suite 203
West Palm Beach, FL 33415

Phone: 561-242-5739


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Youth Services Department
50 S. Military Trail Suite 203
West Palm Beach Florida, 33415

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Mission Statement

To be the voice for the youth of Palm Beach County creating leaders through self-motivation, determination, and education.


Future Leaders is a recommendation from of the Birth to 22: United for Brighter Futures (Birth to 22). Future Leaders is responsible to provide input in the design, implementation and communication of an ongoing strategic plan for future community conversations, focus group discussions, interviews, surveys, youth summits. The council is comprised of a diverse cadre of local resident of Palm Beach County youth aged 11 to 22 and up to age 24 to cater to young people who are or previously were homeless. The group will seek to engage youth who are court involved, experiencing homelessness, in foster care, racial minorities, have care-giving responsibilities, LGBTQ+, idle/disconnected, undocumented, and special needs. Future Leaders United for Change will bring youth perspectives to Birth to 22 United for Brighter Future on the following Action Areas:

  1. Economic Access
  2. Parenting and Role Models
  3. Social and Emotional Supports
  4. Educational Supports
  5. Health and Wellness Supports 6. Removal of Community Stressors and Systemic Barriers