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MBK celebrated a superb Anniversary event!  121 volunteers have signed up, so far, but recruitment is not over! 

Please click here if you are interested in becoming a one-on-one, group or professional mentor.

The next MBK Task Force meeting will take place on January 26, 2016 from 5:30pm-7:30pm @ Vista Center (2300 N. Jog Road WPB, FL  Suite 1W-47). Please click here to RSVP.

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Male Mentor Recruitment

Calling all males ages 21 and older! The PBC My Brother's Keeper Network will recruit 100 men within the next 100 days. Make a difference now by mentoring a boy or young man of color. There are three types of mentoring opportunities:

1. One-on-one-requires level 2 background check

2. Group mentoring-motivational speaking to groups of kids

3. Professional-career presentations and job shadowing

Volunteers can click  here to sign up as a mentor.

For more information, email Lashawna Howard at: LHoward@pbcgov.org or call (561) 313-1146.

Video Recordings of the 2017 Race to Equity Summit 

My Brother's Keeper  2017 Race to Equity Summit: Day 1 PM Sessions Part 1



My Brother's Keeper  2017 Race to Equity Summit: Day 1 PM Sessions Part 2



My Brother's Keeper  2017 Race to Equity Summit: Day 2 AM Session



My Brother's Keeper  2017 Race to Equity Summit: Day 2 PM Session



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About MBK

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In September 2014, President Obama issued a challenge to cities, towns, counties and tribes across the country to become "MBK Communities." This challenge represents a call to action for all members of our communities, and mayors in particular, as they often sit at the intersection of many of the vital forces and structural components needed to enact sustainable change through policy, programs, and partnerships.

The MBK Community Challenge encourages communities (cities, rural municipalities, and tribal nations) to implement a coherent cradle-to-college-and-career strategy for improving the life outcomes of all young people to ensure that they can reach their full potential, regardless of who they are, where they come from, or the circumstances into which they are born.

The six goals of the Challenge are:

  • Ensuring all children enter school cognitively, physically, socially and emotionally ready
  • Ensuring all children read at grade level by 3rd grade
  • Ensuring all youth graduate from high school
  • Ensuring all youth complete post-secondary education or training
  • Ensuring all youth out of school are employed
  • Ensuring all youth remain safe from violent crime

Community leaders can lay the groundwork for an MBK Community in four steps:

  1. Accept the President's Challenge
  2. Convene a "Local Action Summit" to build an MBK Community
  3. Conduct a policy review and form recommendations for action
  4. Launch a plan of action, next steps and a timetable for review

Palm Beach County has established a My Brother's Keeper Network (MBK) that houses and supports all initiatives within Palm Beach County that are working to improve outcomes for boys and young men of color. The MBK goals are to:

  1. Create a website and directory that includes all programs throughout Palm Beach County that improve outcomes for boys and young men of color.
  2. Assess current programs (i.e. Greek organizations, churches, community centers etc...) that target boys and young men of color.
  3. Determine current program effectiveness as it relates to the six (6) MBK goals and provide recommendations, resources and strategies for improvement.
  4. Challenge all partnering agencies to assess current practices and to increase focus on improving outcomes for boys and young men of color (Taking the MBK Pledge and joining the network)
  5. Create a MBK Leadership Initiative that provides structured activities for mentoring and promotes leadership development, civic engagement, entrepreneurship, sex awareness and life skills.


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