What WE are doing

In the Office of Resilience, we are focused on three main priorities:

  • Adapting to Climate Change


  • Mitigating Climate Change


  • Living and Building Sustainably


We are focused on working both regionally and countywide to both adapt to and mitigate the impacts of climate change.


Because it:

  • Protects businesses and Palm Beach County’s tourism industry,
  • Protects property values and infrastructure investment, and
  • Informs weather related risk mitigation.



Learn more about the Southeast Florida Regional Climate Change Compact by visiting their website.


Through working with the Southeast Florida Regional Climate Change Compact to produce regional tools that inform our region’s vulnerabilities and levels of risk, through working internally at Palm Beach County to develop a Resilience Action Plan that will include adaptation and mitigation measures to reduce our risk to climate changes impacts and increase the sustainability of our community, and working with Palm Beach County municipalities to provide support, information, and a forum for idea exchange and coalition-building.


In May 2020, Palm Beach County's Board of County Commissioners adopted the second update to the Unified Sea Level Rise Projection. The County uses the Projection to assess potential sea level rise impacts on County capital projects and guide County planning. Additionally, the County encourages municipal and private-sector stakeholders to use the Projection. The updated report includes possible future sea level rise scenarios as shown in the figure below, allowing the County to balance cost effectiveness, lifetime, vulnerability, and criticality of building and infrastructure projects against potential threats. The report acknowledges that, with a concerted effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, sea level rise may be kept below the projected levels.

Click here to download the full report from the Southeast Florida Regional Climate Change Compact website.


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      Unified Sea Level Rise Projection for Southeast Florida

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