Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Program

PACE is available in Palm Beach County

The County's commitment to climate resilience and sustainability includes making important tools available to constituents to help them meet their own sustainability goals. Property assessed clean energy, or PACE, financing allows property owners to fund energy efficiency, renewable energy, and wind mitigation projects with little or no up-front costs. With PACE, residential and commercial property owners living within a participating district can finance up to 100% of their project and pay it back over time as a voluntary non-ad valorem assessment on the annual property tax bill.

There may be other types of financing available to property owners and Palm Beach County does not guarantee the PACE program is the best financing option. Just as with any financial decision, property owners review and understand all of their financing options, including getting multiple quotes, before selecting the option most appropriate for their particular financial situation.

This is an assessment on your property; it is not a loan, grant, nor Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners Program
Under Florida law, property taxes stay with the property when it is sold and the same holds true for assessments. However, the seller's lender or the buyer's lender (mortgage company) may require the seller to pay off the remaining outstanding balance of the assessment before the property owner sells or refinances the property. Check with your mortgage lender if this may be the case for you. In addition, by law, property owners must provide notice of the assessment to the buyer prior to sale of the property.

Failure to pay the PACE assessment could trigger foreclosure and property loss even if the property owner is current on other mortgage lien(s).
What's involved in applying?

Each provider will be slightly different with their own program guidelines; however, the basic steps are:

PACE basic steps


I want to learn more, who do I talk to?

PACE is available now. The PACE Providers will operate in unincorporated Palm Beach County and those cities and towns that do not already have a program. Palm Beach County Municipalities with their own PACE Programs (the following links are for the main municipal websites – if you live in these municipalities you fall under their program) are:

If you do NOT reside in one of the above-listed municipalities or if you reside in unincorporated Palm Beach County contact one of the following PACE Providers for more details on their program:

Alliance NRG Program

RESIDENTIAL (855) 509-9922

A list of Approved Contractors is available online to all property owners once they apply.

Counterpointe SRE

CONDO OR COMMERCIAL (855) 431-4400

A list of Approved Contractors is available online to all property owners once they apply.

Renew Financial


List of Approved Contractors
Renovate America


List of Approved Contractors
yGrene Works


List of Approved Contractors


I have questions…More information on PACE and FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions
PACE Provider Agreements and Resolutions
PACE Nation


Southeast Florida Climate Compact 
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