Zoning – Variance Process


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  • How do I apply or receive additional information regarding a Variance?

    ​Contact the Section Secretary to schedule a Pre-Application meeting at 561-233-5578 for a Type I Variance or 561-233-5041 for a Type II Variance. You should bring copies of your survey, pictures or other documents that may be helpful during the meeting. Staff will provide an explanation, explain the process, and discuss your request.

  • How long is the review/approval process for an Administrative Variance?

    ​The review/approval process for a Type 1A Variance takes approximately 1 ½ weeks. The review/approval process for a Type 1B Variance takes approximately 6 ½ weeks.

  • Can I continue building my house before the Administrative Variance is issued?

    ​NO. However, in situations where safety or the public welfare is at stake, the contractor may seek approval from the Executive Director of the Planning, Zoning and Building Department to continue work on the structure to ensure safe site conditions. 

  • My structure failed an inspection due to a setback encroachment. What can I do?

    ​If the issue cannot be resolved with the contractor, you can contact the Zoning Division On-Call Planner at 561-233-5200 for assistance in determining whether your encroachment issue can be handled through the Type 1A or 1B Administrative Variance Process or the Type II Zoning Commission (Public Hearing) Variance Process.