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  • How can I determine the fees for a particular Zoning application?

    ​Select 'Zoning Fee Estimator' topic in Zoning Web Page/ezInfo and follow the prompts to estimate the applicable fees.

  • How can I determine the petition/control number and/or the resolution number for a parcel?

    Use Property Information under ezInfo to determine if there are any prior Zoning Petitions and Resolutions approved for a parcel ePZB ezInfo.

  • How can I look up the Staff comments related to a pending DRO application?

    Select "Comments" topic in ezInfo and follow the prompts to view any DRO comments on a pending project.

  • How can I look up the proposed staff conditions on a pending Zoning Commission or County Commission application?

    Select 'Conditions' topic in ezInfo and follow the prompts to view any proposed conditions on a pending public hearing project.

  • Who should I contact if I have a technical question regarding ePZB?

    ​Please email PZBHelp@co.palm-beach.fl.us with your question.

    "Under Florida law, e-mail addresses are public records. If you do not want your
    e-mail address released in response to a public records request, do not send electronic mail to this entity. Instead, contact this office by phone or in writing."

  • Why do my neighbors within 300 feet have to be notified that I am applying for a Variance?

    Pursuant to Art.2.J. of the Unified Land Development Code, a courtesy notice must be mailed to all property owners within 300 feet of the property that is subject to a Type IB or a Type II Variance application. The intent is to allow the people who will be most impacted by the Variance request to be notified and have an opportunity to voice their opinion either by phone, email, mail or come in person at the hearing of the Variance application.

  • Can I submit applications online?

    ​Currently ePZB is accepting online application submittals for Type IA and IB Administrative Variances and DRO Administrative Amendments (ZZR and ZAR).

  • How do I obtain a Development Review Officer (DRO) Submittal Package?

    ​These documents can be obtained by going to:
    choosing the type of review and application forms, downloading and printing them.  For more information, contact the On-Call Planner at 561-233-5200.

  • How do I arrange a meeting with a Development Review Officer (DRO) Planner?

    ​Contact the DRO secretary at 561-233-5221 to make an appointment. It is helpful for customers to bring relevant documents if available, such as, surveys and site plans to the meetings to assist the planner to provide the most accurate response to your questions. It is also necessary to request the petition file and plans, if applicable. Files can be requested by calling the File Room at 561-233-5039.

  • Can the Development Review Officer (DRO) administratively approve an increase in building floor area to a BCC/ZC approved site Plan?

    ​The DRO may approve an increase in the total floor area of any building or structure in accordance with Art.2.D.1.G.1.

  • How do I know whether my proposed project requires a Public Hearing?

    Consult the appropriate Use Matrix in the ULDC, determined by the Zoning District. The Use Matrix is referenced in the ULDC Article 3, Table 3.B.16. E, or Article 3, Table 3.E.1.B, or Article 4, Table 4.A.3.A. Also refer to applicable Development Thresholds and Supplemental Use Regulations specific to the Use request.

  • How long does my Concurrency approval remain valid?

    ​A Concurrency Reservation is initially valid for one year. If it is tied to a Final Development Order, it will be valid for the life of the approved Development Order

  • My business will be located in Unincorporated Palm Beach County. What do I need to do?

    ​The applicant must complete an application for a Business Tax Receipt, which can be obtained at the Tax Collector's Office or in the Zoning Division Lobby. The On-Call Planner in the Zoning Division will review the request and verify the zoning district and whether the use is allowed for that specific location. If the use meets the Zoning Code requirements, then the applicant will pay a fee prior to the Planner signing off on the application. The Planner will also inform the applicant whether any inspections are required. Once the inspections are done, the applicant will return the form with all the signatures of applicable County Agencies to a Tax Collector's office. They will issue a Business Tax Receipt to the applicant. Please refer Click Here or call 561-233-5200.

  • What is a Zoning Confirmation (ZC) Letter and how long does it take?

    ​A ZC letter is a written response issued by the Zoning Division to make a determination of, or clarify a Unified Land Development Code requirement.  Typically, the response time requires a minimum of 30 working days; however, depending on the complexity of the issue(s), additional time maybe necessary. 

  • What is the purpose of an Agency Review and Zoning Review?

    ​An Agency Review is utilized to amend an existing approved plan with the approval of other DRO Agencies.
    A Zoning Review is utilized to amend an existing approved plan that requires only Zoning Division approval.

  • Can I fill in my pond?
    Contact the Building Division at 561-233-5374 or 561-233-5101 or by email at PZB-BLDG@pbcgov.org

  • Are there Zoning requirements for Commercial Communication or Cell Towers?

    ​Yes, refer to ULDC Article 4.C, Communication Tower, Commercial for Zoning regulations.