Palm Beach County HIV Care Council

The Palm Beach County HIV CARE council is a community based organization supporting local public participation in the planning for a system of medical and support services for individuals and families living with HIV and AIDS. One of the founding themes of the CARE Council is the belief that people living with HIV/AIDS can live a better, healthier and more productive life with the most current treatments supported by the most practical supports. Thus, we are a partnership of medical and health support service providers, funders of those services as well as people using these services and people who love and care for those living with HIV.

We welcome you to join us in bringing the most effective treatments for HIV/AIDS to those in need, and invite you to work toward providing those services in the most effective compassionate manner.

Responsibilities of the CARE Council are part of the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Treatment Modernization Act. Under this federal legislation areas of the United States which are hit especially hard by the AIDS pandemic receive federal funds to assist in fighting the effects of the disease.

Members of the CARE Council are nominated through a process which is open to public participation. Appointment to the Council is made by the Palm Beach County Board of County commissioners for a two year term. Membership is guided by federal principals guiding participation which reflects the demographic make up of the disease in this county.

The majority of the work of the Council is done in committee and brought to the full Council for approval. All meetings of the Palm Beach County HIV CARE Council are open to the public and are run under aspects of Florida's Open Meetings Act, also referred to as the Sunshine Law.


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