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Youth Services Department Holds 2023 ‘Superhero’ Annual Employee Retreat

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Youth Services Department Holds 2023 ‘Superhero’ Annual Employee Retreat


Youth Services Department Holds 2023 ‘Superhero’

Annual Employee Retreat

Posted On August 10, 2023


Youth Services Department striking a ‘super pose’ for a superhero group photo at their annual retreat held at Wellington Community Center.

On Thursday, August 3, Palm Beach County Youth Services Department held its sixth annual employee retreat at The Wellington Community Center. YSD's Seeds of Success Cross-Divisional Action Team coordinated and executed the event with a superhero theme to shed light on ‘emotions being our superpowers’ and the various superpowers YSD staff possess in their work towards serving youth and families in Palm Beach County. The superhero-themed retreat welcomed special guests, including County Administrator Verdenia Baker, Assistant County Administrator Dorritt M. Miller, County Appellate Practice Chief Attorney Helene Hvizd, and Keith Clinkscale and Marcela Millett from County Office of Financial Management and Budget.

Throughout the day, staff superheroes were immersed in a series of engaging activities. The Retreat started with celebrating the Youth Services Department 2023 ‘Employee of the Year,’ Tevin Ali, Public Relations Specialist. Palm Beach County Administrator Verdenia Baker, Assistant County Administrator Dorritt Miller, and Director of Youth Services Department Tammy Fields presented the award to Tevin. Tevin received five nominations for the award from the department. Tevin's nominators said, "Tevin demonstrates exemplary performance through work products, publications, attention to detail and design, and excellent communication skills. As YSD's Public Relations Specialist, Tevin's work is a crucial element to the success and networking power of the department. Collaboration and support for others is the hallmark of Tevin's work. Lending his expertise beyond our department, he champions community initiatives and young people throughout our region."


Tevin Ali, Public Relations Specialist of the Youth Services Department Awarded YSD’s 'Employee of the Year’ Award at the Retreat. 

Following the Employee of the Year presentation, an interactive superhero-themed 'Menti' community check-in was conducted with staff to see which superhero symbolizes their feelings and whom they can call upon for help as their trusted sidekick. The YSD team then watched a captivating 'Year-in-Review' video to take in all the heroic work done by the department all year-round. An inspiring superhero feeling clips video was shown with staff  answering the questions "which superhero do you identify with" and "why are emotions your superpowers." The superhero team then transitioned into a fun interactive trivia game testing their knowledge of the Youth Services Department’s various services, initiatives and programs.

All three Cross-Divisional Action Teams  - Seeds of Success, Equity Diversity & Inclusion (EDI), and Sanctuary showcased their work with unique team-based activities, fostering a strong sense of camaraderie and collaboration. Before and during the superhero luncheon, participants enjoyed interactive activity tables hosted by Youth Services staff members and the Palm Beach County Wellness Center. The table exhibitions included engaging and wellness sessions on tessellation, innovations, stone artistry, guitar tutoring, origami, paraffin wax, chair massages, a scavenger hunt, and nutritious ingredients for overall well-being. 

The afternoon session of the Retreat started with a presentation by the Program Evaluation team on the analysis of the Youth Services Department's climate survey. Afterward, staff focused on leadership development and learning about their communication styles through an assessment and leadership training led by Tessie Watts, Chief Executive Officer and Leadership Consultant of The Leadership Haven Resource Center LLC. The session provided valuable insights and skills for the staff's personal and professional growth.

The Retreat provided the perfect opportunity for all attendees to unleash their unique superpowers and embrace their strengths, making it an unforgettable experience for the YSD team and attendees. “Our department is spread throughout the county with seven different office locations.  This retreat is our opportunity to come together as one team.  Each member of staff is a superhero, and together we are mightier than the Justice League," said director Tammy Fields.


Youth Services Department Seeds of Success Cross Divisional Action Team preparing and executing the 2023 Retreat


Youth Services Department gathered at the Wellington Community Center banquet hall for the 2023 annual retreat


Youth Services staff posing for a super photo and enjoying the retreat

Youth Services Department tessellation art fitting together as a collective team


Tessie Watts of The Leadership Haven conducting a leadership training for YSD staff


Facilitated by Tessie Watts, YSD staff gathered in groups to discuss their personal leadership communication styles and learning about other staff member’s styles. 


Youth Services staff enjoying the annual retreat


Palm Beach County Wellness Center hosted a nutrition and spices informational table at the retreat


Youth Services staff enjoying the annual retreat