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Summer Programming At Highridge Family Center

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Summer Programming At Highridge Family Center



Youth Services Department's Highridge Family Center, in a collaborative effort with Palm Beach County Parks and Recreation, brought adventure, skills, and wonderment to enrolled youth during the Highridge summer program.  Youth and staff participated in a number of events, field trips, and activities planned and executed by Parks and Recreation staff, the first of which was a field day on Highridge grounds.  Activities included an ice breaker emphasizing open communication, emotional intelligence, and a time-honored favorite, the tug-of-war. 

For the next event, youth enrolled in the program had an all-day adventure at Riverbend Park, experiencing the great outdoors and learning about animals in our local South Florida habitat. The day concluded with residents and staff learning archery skills. For the last two outings, Parks and Rec staff hosted open gym events at the Therapeutic Recreation Center. Youth were taught basketball fundamentals such as chest passes, bounce passes, and dribbling. The open gym activity encouraged and fostered social responsibility and open communication, two very important elements of teamwork.  A special thank you, Parks and Recreation, for enhancing our youth summer experience at Highridge.