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Birth to 22 Hosts 2022 Virtual Community Conversations

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Birth to 22 Hosts 2022 Virtual Community Conversations




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Birth to 22: United for Brighter Futures is an alliance of Palm Beach County community partners that engages and aligns existing coalitions, networks, systems, and youth-serving organizations, as well as connecting families, community members, and most importantly, with local young people directly. The voices of youth and the adults who care about them are vital to implementing the Youth Master Plan and ensuring a difference is made in our community. Birth to 22 recently hosted a series of 2022 Community Conversations that were open to the public and structured to support community input while providing relevant data regarding children's outcomes and services.

Each community conversation focused on a few of the nine action areas.

The March 8th conversation focused on Achieving Success in Higher Education, Strengthening Out of School Time (OST), and Ensuring Safety & Justice. At this conversation, 56 community members attended, of which 23 students participated.

The March 24th conversation focused on Trauma-Sensitive Communities and Health & Wellness. At this conversation, 42 community members attended, of which 12 students participated.

The March 29 conversation focused on Education to Employment Pathways for Disconnected Youth and Social-Emotional Learning. At this conversation, 66 community members attended, of which 22 students participated.

The April 4th conversation focused on Economic Access and Parenting & Role Models. At this conversation, 65 community members attended, of which 17 students participated.

Each conversation posed questions to community members regarding specific issues they are concerned about regarding each action area and to suggest solutions to the group in the following categories:

  • A solution of relatively no/low cost
  • A solution that is off the wall
  • Relatively easy lifting, but high impact solution
  • Something that expands on current success type solution

In surveying the room at all four community conversations, we learned that the biggest areas of concern was mental health, housing, education, and economic access.

Learn more about the community conversation results at:

To stay connected with Birth to 22 and their upcoming events and initiatives, follow them on their Facebook and Instagram pages @Birthto22.