‚ÄčThe Lake Worth Lagoon (LWL) estuary stretches 20 miles along the shores of 13 municipalities from North Palm Beach to Ocean Ridge and has been subjected to pollution and habitat losses for decades. A critical component of LWL restoration is the LWL Initiative (LWLI).

The LWLI is supported by Palm Beach County, South Florida Water Management District, Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Florida Inland Navigation District and the Palm Beach County League of Cities, which have endorsed the LWL Management Plan to restore the Lagoon. This plan includes projects to restore sea grasses, mangroves and oysters, cap muck sediments and construct stormwater control projects and septic to sewer conversions. Revitalizing this important waterbody provides long-term environmental, recreational and economic benefits to the region.

The LWLI was created to define and evaluate the status of the entire LWL watershed and propose actions that would improve and protect the natural resources within the lagoon and watershed. Each State dollar is matched at the local level on a minimum 50:50 cost-share basis. Through 2019, over $22 million in State funds and $65 million in local funds have been dedicated to restoring the Lagoon through the LWLI. Restoration projects are prioritized by LWLI members and funding partners and then communicated to the Florida Legislative for funding consideration.