Seat ID Member Organization Alternate Organization
1 Monica Mayotte City of Boca Raton
City elected official
2 Robert Shorr
Town of Loxahatchee Groves
City elected official
3 Chip Block
Town of Jupiter Inlet Colony Vacant
City elected official
4 DD Halpern
Town of Juno Beach
City elected official
5 Karen Lythgoe
Town of Lantana
City elected official
6 Robert Hagerty Town of Lantana
Vacant City elected official
7 Gregg Weiss
Palm Beach County
Vacant Palm Beach County Commissioner
8 Poonam Kalkat
Water/Wastewater Provider Official
Julie Parham Water/Wastewater Provider Official
9 Tommy Strowd Lake Worth Drainage District Vacant Lake Worth Drainage District
10 Vacant Drainage/Water Control District Vacant Drainage/Water Control District elected official
11 Jay Steinle South Florida Water Management District Mark Elsner South Florida Water Management District
12 Rachelle Litt
(Vice Chair)
Environmental Representative Vacant Environmental Representative
13 Vacant Agricultural Representative Vacant Agricultural Representative
14 Michael Johnson
Indian Trail Improvement District
Greg Shafer Indian Trail Improvement District​​​​​​