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Formerly Callery Judge Groves "Agricultural Enclave"


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At the October 29, 2014 Board of County Commissioners (BCC) hearing the BCC Adopted the Amendments to the Unified Land Development Code and approved the Rezoning and Requested Use application, TDD/R-2015-00094. These approvals are pending on the effective date of the Comprehensive Plan and Land Use Amendments.

If you have any questions regarding the Code Amendments and the Pending Plan approvals you may contact the following Zoning Project Managers:

Project Managers:

​Carrie Rechenmacher, AICP, Senior Site Plannercrechenm@pbcgov.org
​Christine Stivers, Senior Site Plannercstivers@pbcgov.org
​Melissa Matos, Site Planner IImmatos@pbcgov.org
​Community Development Section561-233-5041 or 561-233-5221

Request, Application Number & Project Manager:

​Final Master Plan​DROE - 2014-02329 (Carrie)
​Type II Variances for Pod Q Property Development Regulations, Two Housing Use Types​ZV-2015-00122 (Carrie)
​Final Subdivision Plan for Pod Q​DRO-2015-00123 (Melissa)
​Type II Variances for the Phase I Roadways​ZV-2015-00750 (Christine)
​Phase I Roadway & Lake Subdivision Plan​DRO-2015-00529 (Christine)


Design Standards, not an independent application, but it is part of a Condition and a ULDC requirement
(Carrie. Melissa, Christine)