Criteria for changing an address within Unincorporated Palm Beach County.

An address may be changed by one of two ways:

  1. Vanity Address Change: The address is within county standard, but the property owner wants to change it for personal/business benefit. There is a $1,126.00 fee that is applicable for vanity address changes.
  2. Emergency Response Issue: The address does not meet county standard or the address duplicates other address within the county and there is potential for a delay in response time from Emergency Services.


To request an address change, a letter with a brief explanation of why the address is to be changed, along with contact information (property owners name, current address and phone number) and the 17 digit Property Control Number found on your tax bill will need to be sent to the Address Section.

The letter can be sent via email to or by conventional mail. If it is a vanity address change, the fee must be received along with the request.


After the change has been processed, the new address is immediately deemed official. Many government agencies will be notified including Police, Fire, Post Office, Property Appraiser, etc… An Address Verification letter will be provided to prove your new address and given to anybody that requires the proof of your address change. The county is not responsible for any personal or business contacts not listed in the notification list that will also be provided to you.