​The Planning, Zoning and Building Department (PZB) provides search services on properties in unincorporated Palm Beach County for a fee.

The searches include fines/liens, open building permits and open code compliance violations. All search results represent unincorporated Palm Beach County and are certified by PZB. Searches do not include properties located in municipalities except those annexed from the county by a municipality. 

A fine/lien search is performed using the property owner's name, property control number (PCN) and property address. Search results represents all unincorporated Palm Beach County fines/liens processed by PZB which are limited to building abatement/demolition, code compliance, contractors certification, lot clearing and nuisance abatement.

Unless otherwise indicated, liens recorded by PZB encompass not only the property being addressed but all subject properties with the same owner.​

Open building permit and open code compliance violation searches are performed using the address and PCN.

Open permit searches can be performed by the public on properties or buildings that are not confidential (not be certified by staff) at ePZB Admin (pbcgov.org)​ and registering for an account. Open permit status includes: active, inactive, expired, excluded, in process, ready for issuance, printed, agency approved, or stop issue.

Please call 561-233-5001, if you have any questions or require assistance.

Upon registration, searches and their results are requested and maintained using PZB’s online search portal.

The information contained here is an overview of PZB’s search request procedures. For more detailed instructions/information, please click ​ here​.

The fee schedule per request is as follows:

  • Fine/lien: $63/$94 rush;
  • Open building permit: $63/$94 rush
  • Open code violation: $50/$75 rush

All fees are nonrefundable.

Multiple addresses and/or large projects (retail/medical centers, mobile home parks, condo/apartment complexes, etc.) may be subject to additional charges.

Search results will be returned with 7 to 10 business days, once payment is received. For rush orders (within 3 business days), additional fees referenced above will apply).

All requests must be submitted as follows:

Online portal by registering at ePZB Admin (pbcgov.org). Payments can be made online by credit card or check and/or money order. Please reference search tracking numbers on the check or money order.

Check or money order should be made payable to PBC Board of County Commissioners or PBCBCC. Please submit either in-person or by mail to:

Planning, Zoning & Building Dept. 
Accounting Section 
2300 N. Jog Road 
West Palm Beach, FL 33411.

Fines/Liens: PZB-Accounting@pbcgov.org

Open Permit Searches: PZBOpenPermitSearch@pbcgov.org 

Code Compliance Violation Searches: PZBCODE@pbcgov.org

Properties located in municipalities (with PCN’s beginning with anything other than 00) can be requested as indicated above. These searches will not include any services or fines/liens provided by the municipality. 

Please check you annexation dates to see if the search is warranted.