Overview: The Department of Health, Bureau of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is authorized by Chapter 401, Part II, F. S., to dispense grant funds. Forty-five percent of these funds are made available to the 67 boards of county commissioners (BCCs) to improve and expand pre-hospital EMS systems in their county. On-going costs for EMS and replacement of equipment cannot be funded under this grant program. These costs remain the responsibility of the counties and EMS agencies and organizations.

Eligibility: EMS county grants are awarded only to BCCs. However, each BCC is encouraged to assess its countywide EMS needs, and establish priorities before submitting a grant application. The assessment should be coordinated with area EMS councils, when available.

Grant process: Grant assessment forms are sent to each agency and approvbed by the Grant Committee. They are then forwarded to the Emergency Medical Services Council.

Grant reimbursement process: Please note that once an agency is awarded a grant, that agency will need to submit supporting documentation such as cancelled checks, vendor quotes, training sign in sheets, and a training description.