It is recommended that babysitters in the State of Florida be at least 14 years old. Nowadays, life is busy and some families are raised by single parents who may work two or more jobs. On occasion, a situation may arise where older siblings are tasked with the responsibility of watching younger family members. It is very common to find kids watching kids. Babysitters must be mature, responsible, and must know how to react in an emergency situation such as fire or injury. This class is designed to enlighten kids as to the common hazards found in the home and how to prevent potential life threatening situations from occurring. In this class we discuss preparing an emergency action plan and 9-1-1., fire safety and burn prevention in the home, choking suffocation and strangulation hazards, common household poisons, playground safety and fall prevention, water safety and drowning prevention, and lastly the dangers that motor vehicles near driveways and roadways pose to children. If time permits, and by request diapering, basic business tips, and basic First Aid/CPR is also offered. Certificates of Participation are available upon request.

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