‚ÄčThe use of temporary structures for the sale of merchandise, assembly purposes or other activities requires a Special Events Permit issued by the County or Municipality. In most cases these permits are issued through the Zoning Departments of the county or municipality where the structure is located. It is best to contact the appropriate Zoning Department for details as to the process for their jurisdiction.

Palm Beach County Fire Rescue requires a fire and life safety inspection prior to occupying these structures. The local jurisdiction may require additional agency approvals such as Building and Code Enforcement. Requirements will differ depending upon the actual use.

Some common fire code requirements for tents and temporary structures include but are not limited to:
  • Proper size and location of fire extinguishers
  • Tent materials must have current flame retardant certification
  • Exit signs and emergency lighting must be properly located and functioning
  • Occupant loads posted, if applicable
  • Generators for electric power must be properly located and fueling conducted in an appropriate manner

If you have any questions regarding the permitting process or the fire code requirements for temporary structures, please contact the Palm Beach County Fire Rescue Bureau of Safety Services at 561-233-0050.