​House Address: Can we find you when it counts?


After the storm, if first responders can't find you, we can't help you!

Make sure your home address numbers are visible from the street… at least 4 inches tall… in reflective markings or contrasting colors.

If you live in a housing complex with more than one unit, make sure that your house number,
letter, or specific unit number is posted visibly to make sure we can determine exactly where
help is needed. This will help eliminate any confusion when there are multiple entrances or
doors to a building.

In rural areas, consider posting your address on the fence or at the end of your driveway.

Remember, if your street numerical is on the ground or the curb, it may be covered by flood waters.

And if it's on a mailbox, it may be knocked over or covered with debris. 

So, make sure your house numbers are two places so emergency responders can easily find your house.

Adrès Vizib

Aprè tanpèt la, si sekouris yo pa ka jwen ou, nou pap ka ede w!

Asire w ke nimewo adrès lakay ou vizib de lari a etan, o mwens 4 pous nan wotè, nimewo sipoze yon jan pou reflete limye e gen koulè ki gen kontras.

E si niimewo kay la sou bwat postal la, li ka tonbe oswa ka cache ak debri. Si ou rete nan seksyon riral, panse mete yon siy nan antre lakay ou.

Kidonk, asire w ke nimewo ou nan de kote, pou 911 ka jwen kay ou fasil.