Most fires begin in the home. Whether the home is a single-family house or an apartment building, there are basic precautions you can take to prevent fires, including cooking fire safety. Everyone in the home should have a plan and be prepared to respond quickly if they discover a fire.


Have a Plan

  1.  Every family member should be included in the plan.  Young and old may need help to escape
  2. Mark two (2) ways out of every room and include windows
  3. Pick and outside meeting place the never moves for everyone to gather at.
  4. Practice your plan, especially with children.  Make sure everyone can hear and recognize the sound of the smoke alarm.

If the Smoke Alarm Sounds

  1.  Fire spreads quickly.  Get out fast and stay out.
  2. If possible, close doors to confine the fire.
  3. If you encounter smoke, crawl under it to your exit.
  4. Go to the meeting place and Call 911 as quickly as possible.
  5. Once out, stay out.  Do not go back for anything.


If You Cannot Escape

  1.  If smoke or fire blocks your first exit, try your second escape route.
  2. If you cannot escape, you will need to seek refuge inside the room with a window.
  3. Close all doors between you and the fire.  Use towels or bedding to seal the door cracks to keep smoke from coming in.
  4. If possible, call 911 to report your exact location.

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