‚ÄčThe activation of any fire alarm system by means other than products of combustion (smoke) is deemed a false alarm activation. The Palm Beach County Fire Code allows three responses within a fiscal year cycle (October 1st through September 30th) before any punitive action is taken. The fee schedule is divided between Residential and Commercial properties, and that fee schedule is within the code amendments. If a property reaches 10 activations within the year cycle, it is deemed a public nuisance and is referred to the respective code enforcement board for corrective action and additional fines.

Any property that has been billed for false alarms can submit documentation for a possible offset of said fines. In order to receive an offset, the property must have the respective contractor repair the system in order to prevent further alarm activations. This repair must be charged and paid for by the property to the contractor. Service agreements (no charge repairs) are not accepted. Those invoices and proof of payment is then submitted to the False Alarm Billing Coordinator for review. If the dates of repair are the day of or after the billed alarm, the amount expended for repair will be deducted from the monies owed Fire Rescue. Any remaining balance will then be re-invoiced to the property.