Contracts Division

Contract Development and Control (CDC) is the Division which serves as the clearing house for coordinating all formal written contracts in compliance with Board policies. Standardized contracts are developed by our Division to facilitate the initiation, completion and approval processes.

The primary services provided by CDC to our clients are the following:
  • Reviewing contracts, agenda items, and RFPs.
  • Maintaining a database register for tracking, updating and monitoring contracts.
  • Provide reports on a monthly basis to BCC members and the Clerk's office in relation to contract change activity and to the Management Team and Department heads in relation to contract expiration. CDC also provides quarterly reports to the various contract monitors.
  • Drafting/Reviewing countywide policies and procedures pertaining to contracts.
  • Serve as a voting member on numerous Countywide committees.
  • Provide staff services to the County's Investment Policy Committee.
  • Compile and distribute M/WBE and SBE statistical data as it relates to contracts.
  • Make site visits to County agencies to determine compliance with Countywide policies in relation to terms/conditions of contracts.
  • Participation in contract negotiations by assisting with drafting and developing contracts.
  • Provide contract workshops to County staff.



The retention and dissemination of data in relation to contracts and related instruments approved by the Board of County Commissioners is of major importance to the Board and its Departments and related agencies.

Contract Development and Control (CDC) maintains a Contract Register that is an automated system that captures key areas of interest in relation to each Board approved contract. This information is very useful in preparing various reports for Commissioners, Departments, the media and public information requests.

Another area that CDC had been involved with is educating Department staff on contract processes and procedures through the conducting of workshops and one on one consultations. We strive to make this process as user friendly as possible and it continues to evolve. Tied into this area is the development of standard contracts within Departments that engage in contracting activity on a regular basis. CDC offers assistance in drafting of such documents. We also review draft documents on a continuing basis and offer comments and suggestions that are helpful to the Departments.

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