​The Office of Community Revitalization offers resources that allow Palm Beach county residents to organize and improve their neighborhoods. Our goal is to build partnerships with our customers to empower, enrich, and energize Palm Beach County's diverse neighborhoods. When neighbors work together, they build strong neighborhoods that foster a high quality of life. The following resources are available to those who live, work, learn, or play in Palm Beach County.

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 Neighborhood Resources Info

 Helpful Links

​Do you know who your District Commissioner or your state representative is? Do you know what school district your address is in? Find out with District Locator, School Locator (takes you to the School District website) and Find your State Representative (take you to the Florida House of Representatives website). Other useful links are provided below.

Palm Beach County and the Office of Community Revitalization are proud to offer a FREE service to neighborhood groups and associations through Neighborhood Link™.

What is Neighborhood Link?

Neighborhood Link™ is an internet-based community network that offers every neighborhood a FREE, interactive Web site, where you can share ideas and information with your neighbors, your County Commissioners, the Sheriff's Office and schools. Neighborhood Link will save you time, while increasing neighborhood participation and communication.

This is a unique service which is being offered for the first time in Palm Beach County to help neighborhood and community organizations keep in touch and informed about issues affecting their communities. Our goal in partnering with Neighborhood Link is to bring people together within your neighborhood and offering you and your neighbors a chance to build a stronger sense of community and a closer link to the local civic community at no cost either to you or the County.

Neighborhood Link's focus is on community, home, and family. Once you sign up, you will be given a Neighborhood Coordinator access, which will allow you to use your site to provide and obtain useful information regarding events and meeting schedules, important notices, your group's newsletter, local school listings, connections to the Sheriff's Office, community newspapers, interactive maps, additional pages for special-interest groups, interactive discussion areas and much more. Please click here to see a list of wonderful sections the neighborhood sites contain.

The Web site will give you and your neighbors the ability to create faxable forms that allow everyone to instantly send faxes directly from the Web site. An unlimited number of such forms can be created and used to start petitions, send messages to the local newspaper, or simply communicate with any fax machine in the area. You will even have the ability to create links to fax machines at your district police station, enabling anyone to fax information (such as anonymous crime tips) directly to appropriate authorities.

No Special Computer Skills are Necessary
Neighborhood Link has been programmed to make it very simple and fast for neighborhoods to maintain their Web sites. The neighborhood sites are maintained using simple Web forms into which information can be typed or copied and pasted. These Web pages are automatically created or updated.

Take advantage of your association's FREE Web site and contact Ruth Moguillansky, OCR Principal Planner/Neighborhood Link Coordinator, to add your group or organization to Neighborhood Link™ today... a stronger neighborhood is just 15 minutes away!