Abundant Community Initiative (ACI)

ACI is an initiative designed to support grassroots efforts to increase neighborhood wellness by focusing on developing communities from the inside out, identifying and mobilizing assets from within (their skills, abilities and gifts), and connecting them with one another. The overall goal of the program is to help communities to be places where people know their neighbors, watch out for each other, take pride in their community, and enjoy many opportunities for social, educational and recreational interaction.

Neighborhood Engagement and Transformation (NEAT) Grants Program

This program provides funding to neighborhood based groups and/or organizations for projects that improve the quality of life in their communities. NEAT grants are intended to build the skills and capacity of project leaders to transform their neighborhoods. The program provides grants up to $10,000 for projects located within unincorporated Palm Beach County and the Lake Region municipalities of Belle Glade, South Bay and Pahokee, with priority funding given to projects proposed for designated Countywide Community Revitalization Team (CCRT) areas.

Neighborhood Home Beautification Program (NHBP)

This program was created to provide funding assistance for visible enhancements to residential properties in the CCRT areas. Examples of eligible improvements include: exterior painting, exterior doors and windows, mail boxes, fencing repair and lawn improvements.

Neighborhood Street Lighting Program (NSL)

This program was created to provide funding for the installation and maintenance of citizen petitioned streetlights at approved locations along County owned and maintained roadways in designated CCRT areas that experience above-average nighttime criminal activity, as well as unsafe pedestrian and vehicular mobility conditions.

Resident Education to Action Program (REAP)

This program is a five-week, hands-on educational course designed to help community members develop skills to feel confident and to participate in making meaningful decisions about the future of their community. The program encourages citizens to be knowledgeable neighbors about how County government works and its available community resources and services that can be used for neighborhood improvement efforts. REAP supports the formation of neighborhood associations and empowers neighborhoods to seek for themselves a better quality of life that is citizen-driven and focused.


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