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‚ÄčThe Neighborhood Home Beautification Program (NHBP) was created by the Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners to provide financial assistance to single-family property owners residing in CCRT areas as well as the Lake Region municipalities of South Bay, Pahokee, and Belle Glade. This assistance (up to $10,000) is utilized to implement exterior improvements to existing single-family, owner occupied properties. The goal of the program is to create a healthier neighborhood, paying particular attention to those aspects that enhance the neighborhood appearance and the households' quality of life, and contribute to a greater sense of community to the neighborhood. Only those single-family residential properties on the streets identified and selected by OCR staff and the CCRT Committee will be eligible to receive assistance under the NHBP.

A total of $753,699 has been allocated to the NHBP. To date, exterior improvements have been completed in 72 homes, including:

  • Seventeen (17) homes in Juno Ridge, at a cost of $53,712;
  • Ten (10) homes in the City of Belle Glade, at a cost of $67,265;
  • Twelve (12) homes in the City of Pahokee, at a cost of $75,698;
  • Nine (9) homes in the City of South Bay, at a cost of $73,050;
  • Ten (10) homes in Royal Palm Estates, at a cost of $78,060;
  • Eleven (11) homes in Gramercy Park, at a cost of $85,210; and
  • Three (3) homes in Ranch Haven/Laura Lane, at a cost of $32,310.
  • Eight (8) homes in Herndon Park/Coconut Rd CCRT Area, at a cost of $74,424.

The OCR is currently evaluating CCRT Areas for the upcoming project.

If you have any further questions or comments about this program, please contact William Wynn, Program Coordinator, at 233-5168.