Important Information Regarding Lobbyist Activities in Palm Beach County

If you are a paid lobbyist, attempting to influence the outcome of a matter that would ultimately come before the Board of County Commissioners or any participating municipality, you must comply with the requirements of the Palm Beach County Lobbyist Registration Ordinance. This ordinance requires lobbyists to register before engaging in lobbyist activities. Even if you lobby only on an occasional basis, it is important that you familiarize yourself with these lobbying regulations. At this site, you will find links to the ordinance, frequently asked questions and answers, and the Online Lobbyist Registry.

Note: A new Lobbyist Registration Ordinance went into effect on July 1,2021.

  • Registration: Registration is through the County Administrator's office.
  • Contact Log: For each instance of Lobbying, all persons must sign a contact log maintained in the reception office of each government department.
  • Outside Appointment: In the event an outside appointment is scheduled for the purpose of Lobbying outside government offices, it is the responsibility of the lobbyist to advise the government official’s office or employee's department office.
  • Cone of Silence: The "Cone of Silence" prohibits oral communication between: 1) any person or their representative seeking an award from a competitive solicitation; and 2) any member of the governing body or any government employee   authorized to act on behalf of the governing body, regarding a particular Request for Proposal, Request for Qualification, bid, or any other competitive solicitation. The "Cone of Silence" is in effect from the time/date of the deadline for submission of the proposal, until the time the selection process ends through award, rejection of all proposals, or other action that ends the solicitation process.
  • Enforcement & Penalties: If the Commission on Ethics is informed of any person engaged in lobbying activities who has failed to comply with this ordinance, an investigation will be conducted. If the Commission on Ethics has determined that a violation has occurred based on the investigation, enforcement procedures as outlined in the ordinance shall apply.

If you have any additional questions, please e-mail or call 561-355-3452.

Note: Palm Beach County holds membership in the Florida Shore and Beach Preservation Association, the Florida Association of Counties, and the National Association of Counties all of which are funded in part by dues supported with taxpayer dollars and each of which as part of their overall service do provide lobbying services to the County.​