PBCnet Services: Cost-Effective Network Services

PBCnet allows you to cost-effectively connect to multiple locations and the Internet via a mature, County-owned and operated, fiber-optic and WiMax network. Some 20 years ago Palm Beach County began installing fiber-optic cable in conjunction with the numerous construction projects across the County. Now extending more than 650 miles, this private fiber-optic and WiMax network, along with leased connections from the major telecommunications providers, connects more than 400 county facilities.
In 2008, responding to requests from municipalities and other organizations, Palm Beach County began providing direct fiber-attached broadband connections as a service to eligible organizations. More than ever, organizations are controlling expenses, eliminating duplication and looking for ways to collaborate; all with the intention of providing better service while maximizing taxpayer dollars. Most of Palm Beach County municipalities are either connected or are in the process of connecting to the County’s fiber-optic and WiMax network.
Connecting to PBCnet allows diversity and redundancy. We have multiple fiber routes with diverse entrances that supply connectivity to facilities. Our primary internet is supplied via a direct fiber connection to Florida LambdaRail (FLR) on which we have multiple 10Gb paths to Miami and Orlando, and we are exploring a third optical path to Tampa. We also have a separate Internet pipe via AT&T which is brought directly into our Emergency Operations Center for an additional level of redundancy. Our entire Internet routing and peering is border gateway protocol (BGP) based and we have multiple load balanced firewall clusters along with screening routers handling perimeter security.
Having support 24/7 is a requisite for any critical infrastructure today. PBCnet has a dedicated local team of professionals who monitor the networks and provide responsive, business-class customer service.
  • Securely extend the reach of your network without the cost and complexity of traditional WAN technologies
  • Ethernet simplicity via a direct fiber-optic connection
  • Incremental speeds up to 10 Gigabit over the PBCnet MPLS core network
  • Designed to effectively carry all of your converged services, such as voice, data and video over IP
  • Support e-government initiatives
  • Reliable and secure communications
  • A proven track record of service to municipalities, education institutions and nonprofit organizations within Palm Beach County
  • Scalable infrastructure for future technology planning and projects



Network Services Brochure Palm Beach County has multiple partners and providers, including the Florida LambdaRail, that enable cost-effective solutions.

 Network Partnerships

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PBC Connect- Unified Communications Project

PBC Connect logoPalm Beach County Information Systems Services and business partner, Unify collaborated on a multi-year joint Unified Communications project to consolidate our current telephones, voicemail and messaging services into a new system, OpenScape, a single secure and reliable communications solution.

PBC Connect is the latest generation of telecommunications technology for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), our OpenScape Unified Communications (UC) System will also pay for itself in less than 5 years through cost savings from discontinued leased circuits and lower system maintenance costs.

This UC OpenScape platform enhances standard telephone services by converging communications and applications, improves efficiency by expanding communication services to personal computers and smart phones, and connects co-workers, customers and vendors through collaboration tools. The enhanced technical functionality and features offered by the UC system such as video conferencing, instant message, single number presence and contact center capabilities provides the ability to better serve the public.