The Point-In-Time homeless count is a mandated count by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to be completed at least every two years. It is also a requirement to qualify for state funds administered by the State Office on Homelessness.

The Point-In-Time count is conducted to identify the number of homeless individuals and families in the county. It also serves to measure the needs of the homeless as well as provide direction for future development of housing and services. The count is scheduled for January 23rd and ending January 24th of 2013. It is a vital tool for resource development and planning. The count is also an excellent instrument in measuring our success in housing homeless populations.

As the Lead Entity for the Continuum of Care, the Division of Human Services seeks support for this project. If you are interested in volunteering please call 561-355-4722. For more information and updates please visit our website at


2020 Point-in-Time Count


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