Each day in Palm Beach County, hundreds of families are faced with utility service disconnection. The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) is designed to provide financial relief from high-energy costs to prevent service disconnection for families in crisis. Services include crisis utility and HVAC system replacement (only for homeowners).

Extensive Outreach Campaigns are conducted to ensure maximum participation of the neediest families. Particular efforts are made to serve the elderly and those with special needs, including home visits and group intakes.
Applicants can submit their application online at Utilityassistancepbc.org or contact the Call Center at 1-833-CSD-WILL (1-833-273-9455), to make an appointment at one of our office locations or participating libraries.

Applications for assistance may be made by contacting the nearest Community Action Service Center.

For additional information, please call 1-833-CSD-WILL (1-833-273-9455) or email ​CSDCares@pbcgov.org.

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LIHEAP Benefit Limit

​​Eligibility Requirements​​

​​To qualify for LIHEAP services, households must comply with the following:

  • Reside in Palm Beach County
  • Have a utility bill in a household member's name
  • Total household income must be at or below 60% SMI or 150% FPLG
  • For additional eligibility requirements to qualify for the HVAC replacement program, click here
​Benefit Type ​Benefit Limit
​Crisis (Winter and Summer) ​Up to $5,000
​Home Energy Up to $1,350
HVAC Replacement​​​
Up to $15,000​

Crisis (Winter and Summer)

  • Qualifying households will receive a benefit amount of up to $5,000 on a past due bill, to resolve their energy crisis.

Home Energy

  • Households that do not have an energy crisis, but whose total income is at or below 60% State Median Income (SMI; Household size of 1-8 members) or 150% Federal Poverty Level Guideline (FPLG; Household size of 9 or more members), will receive a credit of up to $1,350.
  • The benefit amount will depend on total household income, household size, and if there are any elderly, disabled or children under age six (6) in the household.

HVAC Replacement Program

  • Qualifying homeowner households will obtain a new HVAC system to replace their inoperable or old system already in place.

Ways to Apply

Applications may be submitted online at utilityassistancepbc.org​ or in person at one of our offices or PBC Library locations, by scheduling an appointment at 561-355-4792.
If you have a crisis or your utilities are in jeopardy of disconnection, you can:

FOR LIHEAP & Other Assistance Uniform Application: Please fill out all sections of the application. Uniform Application - 9.30.19
FOR LIHEAP & Other Assistance CAP Social Security Release: Please sign the bottom to acknowledge receipt of notice. Appendix 32 PBC CAP Release Social Security
FOR LIHEAP Assistance ONLY DEO Energy Form: Please fill out and sign only the front page if you are the head of household and the bill is in your name. Please fill out and sign only the second page if you are notthe head of household, and the bill is in your name. Appendix 44 DEO Energy form
FOR LIHEAP & Other Assistance Zero Income Declaration Form: Fill out ONLY for adult household members who currently do not have any income. Appendix 15 Zero Income Declaration Form
For LIHEAP & Other Assistance Child Support Sheet: If you are a single parent, please fill out and sign the form. Child Support Sheet 2019
FOR LIHEAP & Other Assistance LIHEAP/CSBG Checklist: Please provide all supporting documents listed . Appendix 27 CHECKLIST LIHEAP REVISED
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