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    Get a Certificate in Native Plants

    Discover the benefits of Florida native plants in this free, six-part webinar series from Palm Beach County Extension. ...

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    Get your Grower Permit now! Seasonal Green Markets to open soon.

    ​Green Markets are a distinct part of American culture reflecting each community's uniqueness and charm... ...

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    COVID-19 Status Cooperative Extension

    Palm Beach County Extension is open to visitors and welcomes your return to our offices as you conduct your extension business. At this time, we are accepting visitors by appointment only. The person you are visiting (extension agent, staff, etc) will confirm your appointment, and will make the a ...

  • House with porch and beautiful landscaping

    UF/IFAS Extension First Time Home Buyer Workshop

    Is now the right time to purchase a home? Underestimating the hidden costs of homeownership and the responsibilities of home maintenance that comes with ownership, is the main frustration among homebuyers. ...

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    Workforce Housing Workshop

    UF/IFAS Extension Palm Beach County is a HUD-Approved Housing Counseling agency. The homebuyer workshop meets the education requirements for the Palm Beach County Workforce Housing Program and down payment assistance programs. ...

  • farm to table sign

    Directory of Farms Selling Fresh, Locally Grown Produce

    Starting in April 2020, a number of Florida farms and food distribution agencies began selling fresh, locally-grown produce directly to the public. These Direct-to-Consumer “drive-by" events were uniquely popular and they brought all of us closer to our Palm Beach County farmers and their amazing ...

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    Hurricane Season during Covid-19

    June 1st is the official start date of the Atlantic Hurricane Season and experts are forecasting above-average storm activity. ...

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Ronald Rice
Cooperative Extension Director

The Clayton E. Hutcheson  

Agricultural Services Center

559 North Military Trail
West Palm Beach, Florida  33415

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