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Shade the House to Conserve Energy

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Shade the House to Conserve Energy


Pictured: Bulnesia Tree at Mounts Botanical Garden.
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A canopy tree can provide excellent cooling for your house.  A concrete block or stucco wall can reach temperatures as high as 112 to 117 degrees F. in the summer. The shade from just one shade tree reduces that wall temperature by 24 degrees. Energy conserving landscaping can cut air-conditioning use by 20 to 40%. This is a way to cut the power bill to put money back into your pocket. Choose a flowering tree which can highlight any home landscape, adding a bonus blooms to other uses such as shading and screening. The spring, summer and fall evergreen Bulnesia arborea produces fabulous, buttery yellow flowers. The tree can grow slowly to 40 ft tall.  You can see the Bulnesia tree growing in the Mounts Botanical Garden 531 North Military Trail West Palm Beach Monday through Sunday 10AM-4PM or stop into the Palm Beach County Cooperative Extension Service Office M-F 9AM-4PM and pickup  publication Native Trees  For South Florida,or downlozd a copy at: both the Mounts Botanicall garden and Palm Beach County Extension office are located at the same address. If you have any plant questions call the Master Gardener Volunteer hotline  at 233-1750 M-F 9AM-4PM.